The term subscription describes the regular acquisition of the issues of a periodical press product by a subscriber on the basis of a subscription order.

Price advantages

The calculation of a subscription price is either done on the basis of the same purchase price as in single purchase or at a reduced price. According to  a decision by the Bundeskartellamt (independent competition and mergers authority), the price advantage as compared to the single retail price must not exceed 15%. This discount cap is intended to protect competing press retailers.


Within the total circulation, the subscription circulation is a stable factor, which is not subject to the fluctuations from issue to issue common in single sale. As a result, it is a stable factor in the planning for the publisher.

Publisher’s subscription and BMD subscription

With subscriptions we differentiate between two distribution channels: the BMD (Federal Association of Media and Services) and the publisher subscriptions.
The publishers as well as the BMD advertise for their subscriptions primarily via direct marketing campaigns. The major part of publisher subscriptions is acquired by means of advertisements in the relevant title. In the case of the BMD, we mainly encounter websites and so-called multi-mailer campaigns used to advertise for premium subscriptions.

Legal Framework

In written advertising, the ‘negative option’ is common to persuade customers. The customer orders a sample copy or subscription. If he does not give notice, a regular delivery starts.
Subscriptions in Germany are usually subject to the following procedure: if the customer does not give notice before the expiry date, the subscription period is renewed automatically.
As a consequence of very stringent consumer protection laws, telephone marketing is only possible within extremely narrow limits in Germany. It is not permitted to contact any person on the telephone who hasn’t agreed explicitly before. The only conceivable alternative would be to call subscribers or – aiming at regaining business – customers who have given notice. However, this is not possible, unless the customer has explicitly agreed to be contacted via the telephone upon placing his order.

Our partners

We would be pleased to find the ideal partner for the administration of your subscriptions. In this field MZV cooperates with MZV direkt as well as with Burda Direkt Services.
Owing to our long-term experience, we are in a position to fine-tune the variety of distribution channels in an optimum way with your subscriptions to remove any obstacles blocking your distribution success.