Online Distribution

MZV is your full-service partner in the relatively novel distribution channel of online distribution. This option offers publishers a new chance of distributing their product via the web either in digitalized form (e.g. e-paper) or conventionally as a print object, for single copies as well as subscriptions.
MZV will provide any support you may need to tap this additional marketing channel and paves the way for your access to the leading sales platforms such as ‘’, ‘’,,, and many more.

Operative procedures

In the case of single title purchases, the tangible object is supplied to the customer by mail as soon as possible via our cooperation partner ‘LeserAuskunft / Pressegrosso Mende’, the crediting will be effected as usual with your publisher’s statement of account. Subscriptions are credited directly with ‘LeserAuskunft’, in this case supply is effected ex publisher or subscription service.
Digital products, e.g. e-papers or single objects are sent to ‘LeserAuskunft’ first and then directly sold as downloads via the various platforms. In this procedure, too, the crediting is effected straight with the ‘LeserAuskunft’.


The ‘LeserAuskunft’ charges a flat rate of €10.00 per object per month. When a single issue is sold, in addition 50% of the net value is deducted as a margin. Subscriptions are subject to a commission of 50% of the gross annual price once, before they pass into the publishers range. For the sale of digital products, again 50% of the net value is charged.


Should you decide in favour of online distribution, €10.00 per month represents a relatively low initial investment. In turn you can tap new target groups (customers who are web affine / geographically disadvantaged) and gain new experience in a rapidly growing distribution channel. You complete you sales portfolio maintaining one single business partner.

You are welcome to contact your object account manager to start the service of online distribution or obtain further information.
You can support your sales success by integrating a link into your publishing house homepage and include information for follow-up orders in your object. A further move in the right direction can be addressing this topic during social media appearances.


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