In times of declining turnover from advertisements, distribution has emerged as an increasingly decisive factor defining the success of a magazine.
A vigorous national distributor improves the chances of an optimum penetration of the market to address the target group directly minimizing wastage. Two crucial components determine the consulting competence of your distribution partner:

• The first aspect is the account manager who assists you taking advantage of his solid training, deep insight into markets and many years of experience. These factors put him in a position to develop individual distribution strategies and finally realize them with you.

• The second aspect is the availability of a full portfolio of distribution tools the account manager can choose from to give him all the support he needs for his daily tasks.
It is exactly this synergy of convincing components that makes you feel safe to face all market changes and challenges with first-class service.
On the basis of our 30 years of experience in this field we have been able to fine-tune these two components to offer you premium quality in our daily distribution performance.

Exact market intelligence

A permanent observation of the general market is just as essential as an exact definition of the competitive situation of your own magazine in direct comparison as well as in comprehensive surveys. Data on competitors’ publishing frequency, sales price, sales promotion, advertising and circulation can be decisive factors determining your own decision-making process as a publisher.

What were our competitors’ sales results and which number of retailers did they supply to achieve this success? All this data has gained increasing importance today reflecting the highly fragmented magazine segments.
Which marketing and circulation strategies are pursued and which distribution sectors are operated by competitors?

Creating a highly transparent survey of your distribution market, we give you an opportunity to use the insights gained to profit from competitors’ strategies and respond to market changes in a flexible and timely manner.

Exact determination of the target group and its needs

A further criterion not only to select the best layout and mix of topics but also to define the overall concept of your magazine is a clear-cut awareness of the target group and the needs.
Who do you intend to reach and which sales potential can be expected? Asking these questions you pave the way for a well-balanced profitability from the infant stage.
The target group addressed can be differentiated on the basis of social and demographic characteristics, social environment and linked interests. The more exactly a target group can be defined, the lower the wastage loss to be expected.
Furthermore, there are changes in consumer behaviour as a consequence of economic pressure. We constantly monitor and record these changes on POS. Doing so, we put you in a position to make the right decisions for your product.

Optimum positioning of your magazine in the market

If you wish to catch the attention of the target group previously determined and addressed on point of sale (POS) at the shelves in a most effective way, it is a pre-requisite to gear your magazine bearing in mind any insight available on the competition to be expected.
Decisions regarding USP, conceptual setup, sales price, publication frequency, and shelf positioning are largely influenced by you current competitors.
The clearer your magazine’s content is silhouetted and the more precise your USP is the better are the chances for your object in the market.
Quality will prevail in the long run.

Title design (from distribution point of view)

The designing of the title is a basic and challenging task. The target is combining the artist and design elements created by the layout expert with the relevant standards posed by the distributer.
At the end of the day the cover is the packaging of your product. The more interesting, exciting and, last but not least, eye-catching this task is, the more it contributes to supporting your own USP. With our long experience of consulting, we can make a decisive contribution to mix the following components to meet your target group’s preferences:

•    Selection of the right title
•    Size and design of the title logo
•    Cover lines
•    Selection of pictures
•    Colour  design
•    Additional functions
•    Eye-catchers, flaps, or inserts

Supervision and exploitation of markets

If you wish to meet the demands on creativity and ambition not only from publishers point of view, but maintain the quality standard already performed in the subsequent processes, a reliable partner like MZV is essential. Especially in times of declining advertising sales, the demands on distribution are increasing.
Right quantity, right place, right time – these claims aren’t catchphrases any longer, these claims stand for the high demand posed on daily distribution routines. This is because your profitability is the focus of our activities. The distribution tools defined and decided upon earlier have to be scrutinized and optimized constantly.
We are in a position to supply important information on your object and its environment at any time. Only a small selection of the standards forming an elementary basis for distribution strategies to mention are combined purchases, business transaction analyses, potential analyses, data on market exploitation per title and time series analysis with detection of irregular sales per copy. Our target is to rethink and fine-tune existing distribution structures regularly.

Advertising and sales promotion

“No consumer in the world has been waiting for your advertising. As a consequence we have to succeed in breaking through this wall of rejection using tricks, charms, jokes and cleverness to capture people’s attention.” (Holger Jung)
In the consequent and continuous marketing of magazines advertising and sales promotion on POS have remained adequate tools to excel in comparison to your direct competitors. It is not necessarily expensive TV advertising that counts, it is rather the fine-tuned and efficient coordination of individual elements matching a previously defined marketing budget. Again the goal is to focus on core sales business first.
For us as premium service partners it is a matter of course to concentrate on individual demands on sales promotion to utilize the available budget as far as possible without wastage. When a campaign ends, a success report provides important feedback for future planning and decisions.

Close contact in consulting and information exchange with trade partners

If the publisher’s staff shall not be the only ones who bear your object in mind, but the subsequent trade partners such as wholesalers, retailers and travel bookstores as well, you have to guarantee a constant information exchange within the supply chain.
In an ideal situation, the distributor should have competent field representatives, who keep in close touch with their sector by means of regular visits. This is an appropriate way of passing on corporate philosophy, advertising slogans and campaigns planned in an immediate and direct way. The sales representatives see their position as messengers and leverage into sales.

Future-oriented information management

Planning means controlling!

We do not deem our distribution work to be complete when the issue appears in the display rack on the day of sale. We offer modern and future-oriented analysis tools on a state of the art level.
Our aim is to minimize the given time lag between the on-sale day and the returns recall thus accelerating strategy changes. As a consequence, publishers cannot do without VMP (market observation on point of sale on a sales day basis) and an online access to all important and decisive distribution figures.
In our position as your “outsourced distribution department” we are your eyes and ears in the market and, therefore, able to put this data at your disposal in a fast and easy manner wherever you may need them.

Understanding profitability as the prime goal

We do not only guarantee that your magazine is present in the market, we also operate as a controller regarding a variety of cost factors. Successful management of a publisher involves a permanent addressing of questions and simultaneous optimization of existing performance responsibilities in fields like print and logistics to the same extent as magazine sales and advertising revenue.
In this field, too, our distribution service will find a viable solution for every task to meet this demand.

Optimized IT structure and know-how

However, at the end of the day the performance of a distribution enterprise and its state of the art analysis tools is defined by the staff filling this structure with life and know-how. The market needs shift daily and, therefore, the marketplace is subject to constant change. As a consequence, a high degree of flexibility and continuity form the basis for a successful joint distribution performance. Our staff faces this challenge with interest, expertise and devotion.
A high educational background as the foundation, on the job training and workshops belong to our every-day vocabulary, as we are aware of the fact that in this marketplace a standstill translates into a step backward and losses of market share. These are consequences no publisher can afford to risk.


In order to give you an opportunity to keep up with events, we put all key performance indicators at your disposal 24 hours a day worldwide with our myMZV website with personalized access only.  
Using your personalized access, you can obtain information on your objects as well as on your individually defined competition updated on a daily basis.