Further Key Markets

Further Key Markets

MZV does not restrict our business to retail trade, but maintains close relations to the following sales areas:

Rental magazine services

Rental magazine services are one of the traditional distribution channels. The rental service companies obtain their magazines directly from the publisher or national distributor. The rental magazine service does not sell the reading package to the recipient, but rents it for a week each. Afterwards the reading package is exchanged against a new one. If possible the package is rented to another customer for the subsequent week. The total number of first packages amounts to approx. 180 000 items. About 50% goes to private customers and 50% is for public reading in doctors’ waiting rooms, hairdresser’s, etc.
In addition to profit from renting reading packages, rental magazine services make profits from branded magazine covers, supplements, samples, etc. MZV can provide you with market intelligence on the opportunities this distribution channel offers and, if necessary, acts as a supplier of your product to the relevant rental magazine services.

In-flight magazines

Upon publisher’s request and for suitable objects, MZV can supply airlines. These titles are handed to customers as a free service in airport lounges and aircraft.

Affinity sales in retail

By supplying specialized retail outlets, we pave the way for an additional distribution channel in addition to the regular retailers supplied by wholesalers.
Depending on the relevant target group we can realize a distribution to, for instance, shops specializing in fashion, sports, motor cycles, pets, or toys, restaurants or health stores.

MZV – your competent partner

Your account manager guarantees an optimum distribution to all business sectors and will be pleased to help you with his expertise. Owing to our excellent contacts to all sectors of magazine trade we are sure to find the best sales options for your title.